Pool Table Moving Services
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Let Our Professional Pool Table Movers Help

  • Let's face it – moving isn't something most people would like to do in their free time. It's a job, and one that comes with plenty of challenges. One of the biggest challenges will come when it's time to move the largest items you own. In particular, items like pool tables can be incredibly challenging. These items have some very obvious difficulties associated with them:
  • Weight – Simply put, pool tables are heavy. It can actually cause serious injury to move them without the proper methods and assistance.
  • Size – Their large size means that pool tables are awkward and often difficult to maneuver through doorways, around corners, and up a flight of stairs.
  • Assembly – In most cases, moving a pool table means taking it apart to some degree and then reassembling it. That can take time and skill.
  • Transport – You'll need a large truck to move a pool table, and trying to move your table in a vehicle that is too small could prove to be a disaster.
  • Damage – Many pool tables are very ornate, and damaging them during a move is a serious problem that you shouldn't have to worry about. And in some cases, improperly moving them could ruin their playability, damaging felt or even warping the playing area.

All of those points highlight just why it's so important that you let the pros handle your pool table moving needs. Here at Christian Brothers Moving and Storage, we're experienced at moving pool tables and are always ready to help you. Our team has the experience needed to move any pool table of any size, and we do so on a regular basis.

Your pool table is a major investment, and one that deserves the highest level of care when it's time to move. Don't make the mistake of trying to move it on your own, and don't let yourself stress out over the process. Our team is ready and willing to help you with all of your moving needs, including getting that pool table moved without any issues. Contact us today to let us take the hard work off your shoulders.

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