Fully Funded: Launching a New Child Development Center in the Philippines

A Message from the Church Pastor,
Risen Olojan

Dear Friends,

There are no words that we can use to express our deepest gratitude, firstly, to our God, who gave us this opportunity to be part of Compassion’s program. Secondly, we are extending our heartfelt gratitude to you and the sponsors of our beneficiaries. It’s been less than a year that we started the partnership but we can already observe the joy of the beneficiaries whenever they are doing or participating in the activities we provide for their development.

We are now able to respond to needs of families in our community. We provide medical checkups, distribute hygiene kits, provide immediate medical attention for those in need and best of all, introduce the gospel to families. Our church was able to gather and promote responsible parenthood among caregivers in the community, and promote practices for Christ-centered homes to families involved in the program.

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