Fully Funded: Helping Babies Survive in Uganda

A Message From Winnie,
Faith’s mother

Dear Friends,
My name is Winnie. I come from Eastern Uganda on the slopes of Mt Elgon. I live with my husband Filex, our baby Faith and my sister’s child Joy Chebet. We have lived in a rural setting with 2 grass thatched houses for 4 years now.

Faith is 1 year and 2 months old. She is healthy and growing well, she loves to play with tins. She is now walking and will soon be starting to talk. I’m hopeful her future will be good and bright. 

My husband is a casual laborer. He does different work in the community to earn income to support us. On a good day he earns 6,000 Uganda shillings (equivalent to US$1.60). 

I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to be in Kutung CDC Survival program – it has really given me hope. We have been equipped with different skills and trainings such us tailoring, hairdressing, baking and health-related trainings.

I can now make clothes in different fashions and I hope to earn money to support our family. 

The staff at the project are so good and care for me and my child. They pray with us during every visit, listen to us, and encourage us on how to raise up our children well. They show love and concern for our baby.

I’m so grateful dear friends for your generous hearts. I really appreciate you. You have given my child a happy, healthy life. I pray that God protects you, gives you good health and blesses you abundantly with all the desires of your hearts.

Many thanks!

With much love,
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